DC Maintenance

Professional Maintenance of the Data Center Infrastructure 


Having a highly complex infrastructure, e.g. data centers and server rooms, IT security can only be guaranteed by regular maintenance. Even the failure of a single system component can lead to a chain reaction, which could bring an entire data center to a standstill in the worst case.

A continuous surveillance of the different components and their performance can easily show failures. Hence, error sources can be eliminated more quickly and downtimes kept to a minimum. Since every data center is very individual, a customized service is essential.

We offer IT services that data center operators can hardly manage themselves, at least not without a lot of effort. And we provide you with just the maintenance service that is necessary and reasonable.


Our Service


Our maintenance involves all tasks that secure the functionality of a system or a machine. It includes inspection, maintaining, repair and tests for weak spots.

RZservices work according to DIN 31051, which regulates the maintenance process as "the combination of all technical and administrative measures and means of the management

during the lifecycle of an observation unit for finding and assessing the current state and preserve the functioning state or the reduction towards it so that the demanded function is complied."



Inspection involves a thorough review of the system or establishment. The current state is recorded and documented and performance, settings and data are checked. The aim of the inspection is to examine a system or establishment regarding a proper, secure and, hand in hand with that, flawless state. 

We check the different parts or units for signs of wear, and analyze the state of the working fund. On top of that, there is a visual examination of all relevant wearing parts, incl. measuring of attrition and corrosion tests.  Based on that, the current and target state are compared and, if necessary, reasons for the signs of wear are determined and further consequences defined. 

The successful inspection is being tagged with an inspection plate and indicates the next date of inspection. Being part of maintenance, the inspection is conducted by our professional staff and an inspector. The inspection takes place in regular, previously defined intervals. 


Highest demands are put on availability, security and profitability of data centers. DC-as-a-Service is a vast range of products and services that meets all requirements.


Constantly increasing statutory and regulatory requirements concerning the IT business pose quite a challenge to all IT areas. For that reason, more and more data center operators decide to focus on core competences and leave tasks like maintenance, security and economical optimizing to service partners. Since every data center is different and clients' demands can vary a lot, RZservices developed the service portfolio "DC-as-a-Service" (Datacenter as a Service).

It contains a number of classic, individual and adjustable models, which cover maintenance and other services for subareas all the way to entire DC infrastructures. All tasks of DC-as-a-Service are based on three posts: availability, security and profitability. We offer flexible service packages in order to support and optimize infrastructures but we also have basic services like maintenance, inspections, cleaning and relocations of data centers or server rooms.

You receive a service package which is specifically tailored to your demands and the state of your data center. One example are our Service-Level-Agreements (SLA). Apart from that, you can both order an overall package or make use of our partial services. It does not matter whether your data center is just being planned or whether it is already running - DC-as-a-Service can be implemented anytime. Just contact us for further information.


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