More security in the data center

DGUV 3 Safety inspection for your electric IT infrastructure

The DGUV (German statutory accident insurance) regulation 3 is a test prescribed by the legislator that is important for the security of fixed electric systems and operation devices in companies and public institutions.

According to the regulation every data center operator is obliged to have their electric systems checked regularly by trained technicians.

In collaboration with our security experts and maintenance professionals we have developed a method to carry out the DGUV 3 test during ongoing data center operation.

Your advantage: No downtime required. The systems can continue to operate without interruption.


DGUV 3 is a question of responsibility and liability.


Data center operators that do not follow this regulation risk that insurance coverage in case of damage might partially or completely expire. At present many business liability insurance policies already contain a clause stating that no or only limited benefits will be paid in case of non-compliance with DGUV regulations, entraining an extremely increased liability risk.

Do not let it get that far! Just like your car your data center needs regular maintenance and security checks.

Four steps to more security

Four steps to more security at your data center

Further information

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Your advantages

  • Test during operated data center (no downtimes).

  • Use of own, experienced and trained electrically skilled personnel

  • Keeping of the specifications of business liability insurance policies, professional assocations and VdS

  • Documentation of the results by RZservices

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