Data Center Monitoring

Energy management for more transparency since information is the key to success

In order to guarantee an operation which meets the requirements, the responsible operators and service partners need cross-system and trade-spanning information from all relevant areas. Only with a lot of transparency and detailed knowledge of the processes regarding IT and DC infrastructures, the demanded goals in availability, security and profitability can be achieved. By that, we mean simple information about the operational status of components, energetic indexes, documentation and evaluation of different management systems among others. The range of information is vast and very individual. Hence, only a really flexible and individual system can be deployed. 

Our service product DC-MonIToring does exactly that for you. It gathers information from all current systems. The respective hardware and software provide a constant surveillance of the operation and gathers and visualizes all performance data.

Thus, unused potential and possibilities for optimization are quickly obtained. The DC-MonIToring can be adjusted to send fault messages to either the operator or the Network Operation Center in an emergency and it can quickly gather all energetic indexes, e.g. from the cooling technology. Thereby, both, a reliable alarm and energy management can be operated, which is equipped with redundancies. The DC-MonIToring can be easily and individually adjusted to every data center and also be integrated into already existing infrastructures.  In addition to the above mentioned availability monitoring and energy monitoring the system also provides vital information for the operating management. Hence, project specific deadlines can be coordinated, both project and service documentation organized and there is also the option of creating a dashboard with relevant brief information for a general overview.

The constant monitoring of a data center does not only show its operational status. It also facilitates avoiding predictable faults, increased energy consumption and unnecessary costs for managers of the areas IT, facility and finances.

How does monitoring work and what is it good for?  

Answers to these questions are given in the film by RZproducts.
The RZproducts, like the RZservices, is a company which belongs to the DATA CENTER GROUP. RZproducts is in charge of providing the proper hard and software. 


Our Energy Management in More Detail

Energy management, aiming for more efficiency, should be important for every company these days. The data center is a very energy-intensive zone and, based on little space and high density, offers a lot of ways to increase the efficiency. Hence, high standards are required in order to guarantee success. However, the different disciplines and requirements can cause problems. That is why it is so important to proceed coordinately.

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