Norms and

Awarded, normed and certified

Our products and solutions represent tested and certified quality "Made in Germany". This is ensured by various test procedures of neutral institutions, which are adapted to the individual requirements of our customers.

Our values for successful quality management

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As a service company, the success of our customers is the benchmark for our performance. Only if we understand our customers' situation and focus on their needs can we meet this requirement.

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By appointing a responsible project manager, who is equipped with the appropriate competences and who is available for the customer at any time, we ensure the service from one source as well as the principle of the "short way of service" for your project.

Plant in which components are processed

A high quality standard is indispensable for building and maintaining successful customer relationships in the long term. Our products are certified and have successfully passed the most stringent and demanding safety and quality tests conducted by independent, neutral and globally recognized institutions.

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Every company is only as good as its employees. To enable them to contribute their skills in the best possible way and release their potential, we involve all colleagues in shaping decision-making processes.

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"Whoever stops getting better has stopped being good." Behind this simple statement lies the realization that competence and quality are not static but dynamic variables for us - and that applies to the company as well as to the employees who work there.

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We want to maintain business relationships with customers and suppliers on an equal footing. Transparent communication and agreement on common goals with regard to customer interests and cooperation in the development and improvement of products are essential for us.

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