Climate crisis and data centers

Checklist for minimizing risks during extreme weather events

Visualisation of the Data Center of SWU Ulm
Groundbreaking: New data center for science

Data Center Group (DCG) implements secure and sustainable IT infrastructure at Ulm Science Park III

Magazine, on which Amperel and its managing director Nikolai Kolorev is presented
Partner Amperel LLP

Dynamic company from Kazakhstan as a reliable partner

2 hands enclosing a light bulb on green background
IT performance up, energy consumption down

Measures for data center energy efficiency

Two men in the data center looking at server racks
Waste heat recovery in data centers

CO2-free heat for greater climate protection

AI generated graphic depicting artificial intelligence in the form of flying numbers and data in space and a digital brain
The code of the future?

An interview with expert Prof. Dr. Patrick Glauner on the limits and potential of artificial intelligence

Visualisation Data Center JGU Mainz
Groundbreaking for excellence in research

Data Center Group (DCG) realizes a sustainable data center for the expansion of the research location of the University of Mainz

Data Center Schwalbach am Taunus outside view
The digital future in Schwalbach am Taunus is moving forward

Data Center Group implements flagship project for DATA CASTLE in the greater Frankfurt area

Man standing at a data center
Do not relapse, avoid rebound

MERU develops company guide to managing and avoiding rebound effects

Light bulb lies sideways on a mound of earth with a small plant growing on it
Consumption detected, loss averted

mvv blog article on sustainable and economical data centers

HD-DCS - the high-density cabling solution from Datwyler IT
Partnership with Datwyler IT Infra

Keeping an eye on the IT infrastructure

white ventilation system with plants left and right of it
Using waste heat from data centers sensibly

"Bytes2Heat" delivers solutions for green (waste) heat from data centers

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