Emphasizing on Customer Orientation 

If You Can Do Better, Good Is Not Enough


Customer focus
As a service company, the customer's success is the assessment factor of our performance. It is our ambition to fulfill the requirements of our customers. Therefore, it is neccessary to know the actual situation of our customers and focus on the requests of our customers. 

One of our most important success factors is the flexibility in our different projects. With the appointment of a competent, responsible project manager who is always available to the customer, we ensure a complete service from one single source, following the principle of "short distances".    
One of the most important success factors is the flexibility in our individual models of support. 

For long-term, successful customer relations, which are the prerequisites of our competitiveness in the markets, high quality standards are indispensable. 


High quality IT protection against the most important threats

Fire protection
Fire protection
Explosion protection
Explosion protection
Burglary protection
Burglary protection
Dust and extinguishing water protection
Dust and extinguishing water protection

Certified & tested security - signed and sealed

Our certificates speak for themselves!

Zertifikat 01
Zertifikat 02
Zertifikat 03
Zertifikat 04
Zertifikat 05
Zertifikat 06
Zertifikat 07
Zertifikat 08

Quality management according to ISO 9001

7 Principles For The Successful Quality Management Of Our Company

Customer orientation
Consistent customer orientation is the most essential factor for business success. Foreseeing and even exceeding customer's expectations distinguish the best. This is the main focus of our company.

Corporate Management
The compliance with objectives, orientation and the internal environment is a question of corporate management. Management creates an environment in which people can develop their competences for mutual benefit. Major tools are the management, e.g. the consideration of all stakeholders internal and external, and the development of clear visions for the businesses' future.

Inclusion of employees
Every company is only as good as its staff.
To enable them to apply their abilities and to release their potentials, it is necessary that employees are involved in decision-making processes. Profound support of all employees and the possibility for permanent trainings must always be promoted. This requires supporting the problem solving skills on all levels and encouraging the staff members to find new ways of improving.

Process-oriented approach
Efficient results are achieved by combining the required activities and resources into one process. For this purpose, individual processing steps were defined, revenues and expenditures were specified and interfaces with the functions of the company were identified. By doing this, possible errors (risks) were detected and responsibilities were determined in order to ensure the smooth operation of all corporate processes.

Permanent improvement 
"Whoever ceases to be better also ceases to be good". This general statement reflects the awareness that competence and quality are not static but far more dynamic parameters - and this applies to companies and the staff working there. For our corporate success it is essential that the permanent improvement of products and systems is an overall objective for every single employee.

Relevant aspects for decision making
Efficient decisions are based on the analysis of data and information. But only if the data and information are permanently renewed and updated, appropriate decisions can be made based on experiences and entrepreneurial intuition. For this reason, we decided for the implementation of a customized, newly developed ERP system.

Supplier relationship for mutual benefit
All things are interrelated and companies are depending upon their good relationships with suppliers. This is the only way for both sides to contribute their best to common added value. For this reason, personal, transparent communication, the understanding of common targets with regard to customer's interests and the cooperation in the development and improvement of products of regional suppliers are essential for us.



The quality certificate of international recognition in global security markets guarantees highest security standards

ECBs Zertifizierung

ECB·S quality control means that a member of the test institute carries out two tests per year at installation sites without notice to check whether the certified and tested features are identical with the tested product. After the inspection, the product is awarded the ECB.S test label with the corresponding serial number.  ECB·S is the quality label of the European Certification Body being accredited as certification body acc. to EN 45011 worldwide for the certification and control of security products. Amongst others, the certificate is acknowledged by insurance companies.

ECB·S is an international quality standard.

Member of the bitkom

We Are a Member of The Bitkom


BITKOM is Germany's digital association. With neutral market researches and on the basis of extensive know-how of its various committees, BITKOM prepares neutral and reliable studies relating to ICT markets. Amongst others, practical assistance is ensured by many checklists and guidelines.
Following the BITKOM planning matrix, the fire protection according to EN 1047-2 for data rooms of DC category B is required. 

DIN EN 50600 - The european data center standard

DIN EN 50600

The standard EN 50600, which is just being prepared by the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC), will include all aspects of data centers for the first time.

The EN 50600 sets standards for the "availability, security and energy efficiency for the whole lifetime of data centers" including energy saving potentials, for the first time. This new standard defines building constructions of data centers as well as security and management aspects. Moreover, the subject of "availability levels" will be harmonized. With the introduction of this standard, developers, specialist planners and constructors will receive best practice standards for the implementation and operation of complete data centers for the first time.

The risk and business analysis is the basis for this new standard. On the basis of the standardized requirements availability and protection levels for the operation of data centers will be specified. Moreover, granularity levels and parameters for the reading of the energy efficiency in data centers will be specified and realized. Based upon these information the planning and implementation of new data centers or reconstructions will be realized.

NEW! Generally, the EN 50600 recommends the consideration of room-in-room systems as best practice standard. The various advantages of room-in-room systems should be considered for all data center plannings. 

Quality assurance with energy management

Energy management for the reduction of costs and increase of efficiencies

Energy management

Infrastructure and energy costs in data centers are key factors for the facility and IT management. The increase of energy efficiency reduces the power consumption in data centers and consequently the operational costs which, in turn, positively affects the competitiveness of every company. With the technology of RZproducts we support an increasing of the energy efficiency.

Legislation and new environmental regulations

The high energy consumption of data centers increasingly mobilized the policy and it is merely a matter of time until data center operators will be liable for CO² emissions. New EU standards relating to energy efficiency and specific regulations for data center operators are just being prepared with every emphasis. Instead of waiting for regulations of legislators, companies should sustainably reduce the energy consumption and the resulting CO² emissions of their data centers right now and benefit from the economic advantages.

New EU standard:

The European standard 2012/27/EU for energy efficiency of October 25, 2012 requires concrete measures for the reduction of energy consumptions from all member states. Also, data center operators will be compelled to measure and record their energy consumptions and to implement measures for the reduction of energy consumptions in future!

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