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We offer safeguard products to protect your IT. Our employees are specialists in the development, design and production of highly secure data center products, from room-in-room systems to micro data centers and all-in-one container data centers.

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What we offer our costumers

Maximum Protection

To ensure the security of your IT, we offer patented high-security products certified to the highest standards, which have been successfully tested and certified in accordance with EU standards and certification guidelines.

Investment and Future Security

The modular design, scalability and reliability of our entire product portfolio ensure maximum investment security and future viability.


With our products, you act in compliance with standards, guidelines and laws. Global companies have already adopted our solutions in their own IT compliance policies.

Our DC IT product lines

Protected against physical hazards

Fire protection

Separate conditions apply to the protection of your IT infrastructures.

Burglary protection

Protect your IT infrastructures against intrusion and unauthorized third-party access.

Explosion protection

Keeping your IT infrastructures intact in the worst case scenario.

Water and dust protection

Water and dust protection according to EN 60529 to protect hardware and data.

German Master Engineering

We produce our solutions exclusively in Germany. Our customers can rely on receiving master engineering products "Made in Germany".

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All DCP products at a glance: Room, Safe, Container, Data Safes

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Your sensitive data deserves the highest level of security. Protect your on-site servers from all major physical threats such as theft, vandalism, and forces of nature like fire. Configure your desired product easily and get your individual offer.

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Together we will find the right products and services for your individual needs. To learn more, please feel free to contact us personally. To do so, use our contact form or simply give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!