Our DC-IT product range


Our IT security solutions guarantee datacenter protection against physical dangers, are modular, certified, type- and system-tested and even shield IT infrastructures against interception and radiation. We develop intelligent solutions for a secure IT.



Interpretation of fire protection

Secure IT infrastructures require special protection conditions. The requirements for structural fire protection are NOT sufficient for IT hardware! The standard structural fire protection acc. to EN 1363 (for standard buildings) and the fire protection acc. to EN 1047-2 (IT fire protection) are quite different.


Explosion protection for the worst case

Test procedure for the protection against high explosives placed near the objective and the resulting shock wave. The IT security room DC-ITRoom GranITe successfully passed the explosion test following EN 13123-2/13124-2 and is a milestone for physical security systems for the protection of IT infrastructures.  


Access and burglar protection for your IT security

Following EN 1630, IT security rooms are tested by manual burglar attempts using different tools. The IT security room DC-ITRoom GranITe, the mini data center DC-ITSafe and the DC-ITDataSafe SE are certified according to EN 1630.

Water and dust protection

Water and dust protection according to EN 60529

The IP code according to EN 60529 consists of separate codes for dust and water protection. These codes provide information about protective qualities and product tightness. The IT security products of RZproducts are classified with the IP code 56 acc. to EN 60529.


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