DC IT Shielding
Protect the confidentiality
of your strategic data!

Maximum security for your data center

With our DC IT Shielding, we offer a tested and precise room shielding solution of the latest generation. Shielding based on the Faraday cage principle provides IT rooms and IT equipment with reliable protection against:

  • wifi
    Electrical and/or magnetic interference from outside
  • mobile-data
    Radiation of information from inside
  • Electronic espionage
  • bolt
    Electromagnetic pulses (EMP, Electro-Magnetic-Pulse)

Protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access

Today, the protection of data and IT infrastructures no longer concerns only corporations and cross-industry institutions such as telecommunications and finance, but also sensitive sectors such as government, business or defense. The Shielding solution even complies with current NATO standards.

Increasingly, SMEs - small and medium-sized enterprises - are also affected. This is because data loss or unauthorized data copies can permanently damage the business.

DC IT Room Granite Grafic

Perfect protection against unauthorized access

Data theft

Espionage attacks

Electronic attacks

Technical eavesdropping attacks

Natural electromagnetic spikes

(e.g. lightning)

Security versions

DC IT Shielding 60 – Basic protection

Immunity to radiation and emission at 60 dB.
Radiation from IT equipment is reduced by a factor of 1,000.

DC IT Shielding 80 – High-availability protection

Immunity to radiation and emission at 80 dB.
Radiation from IT equipment is reduced by a factor of 10,000.

DC IT Shielding 100 – Maximum availability protection

Immunity to radiation and emission at 100 dB.
The radiation of IT devices is reduced by a factor of 1,000,000.

Modular construction, flexible use

The modular design enables shielding solutions tailored to individual customer requirements. The solution is equally suitable for use in IT security rooms, outdoor containers and for securing complete buildings.

DC IT Shielding: modular design - black open door in front of red room
DC IT Shielding: modular construction - angle of a room, reinforced with screws.
DC IT Shielding - net construction reinforced with screws

Technical Data

  • System tested according to EN 50147-1, NSA 65-6, IEEE-STD 299 (MIL-STD 285)
  • BSI-compliant (BSI: German Federal Office for Information Security)
  • Patented shielding doors and gates (airlocks)
  • Shielding windows