Architecture & Technical Building Equipment (TBE)

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data center planning

Our interdisciplinary team consists of specialists in data center development. Thanks to the interlocking cooperation between architects and TBE planners, we work efficiently and can also accelerate all planning phases in your data center project. Benefit from increased added value, bundled know-how and a central contact person.


Our service portfolio for buildings and technology:

We provide you with an orientation guide before we enter into actual planning. The prerequisite for this initial solution concept is a precise analysis of requirements, utilization and quality for your data center. The preliminary concept not only includes a cost estimate, but also a 3D model of your future data center. Thanks to state-of-the-art BIM software, we can create this digital twin, which will not only convince you, but also simplify further coordination and approval processes.

This planning phase involves the concrete elaboration of the preliminary design. With this conceptual design, we enter into negotiations on the approvability and prepare a cost calculation, so that you have full transparency over your project.

Hand-in-hand, we take care of the necessary building permit for your data center within the framework of architecture and the TBE. In this context, we provide verifications for technical, structural and building physics aspects, which must be submitted to the authorities for the building permit.

The building permit has been issued. A detailed execution plan prepared by us provides the necessary information to the specialists involved in the planning.

We prepare the RFP's and evaluate the incoming bids for you. Trust our many years of experience and our knowledge of the industry, on the basis of which we have drawn up criteria for evaluating incoming offers. We then compile the contract documents for all service areas.

Using a project plan, we monitor all work processes and compliance with milestones to ensure that your data center is completed on schedule. In addition, we continuously monitor the execution and quality of the service in order to prevent deficiencies.

Architecture and TBE from a single source

Sustainable and energy-efficient architecture

We plan a sustainable architecture for your project. The focus is on the most economical and space-optimized implementation possible, taking into account the requirements and building specifics involved.

Man and woman in an office where on a desk the man is drawing something and the woman is showing something and holding paper in her hand. Left in the picture a construction site helmet

Our additional portfolio of Architecture services:

  • Soil expertise
  • Statics
  • Species protection studies
  • Planning of open air and outdoor facilities
  • Noise protection surveys
  • Fire protection concepts
  • Water management
  • Drainage applications

Planning of technical building equipment from one source

The correct conception and optimization of technical systems contributes to maximum energy efficiency. With the professional planning of the technical building equipment (TBE), an optimum of cost savings and safety can be achieved in the execution.

A plan on a desk with one man drawing something and the other pointing and hinting at the plan. On the desk is also a construction site helmet

Our portfolio of TBE services:

  • Heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Building automation
  • Energy concepts, waste heat recovery
  • Medium and low voltage switchgears
  • UPS systems
  • Emergency power systems
  • Photovoltaics
  • Electrical installation
  • Fire alarm technology (DIN14675)
  • Perimeter protection
  • Burglary detection technology
  • Access control
  • Video control
  • Voice and alarm systems
  • Data networks
  • Extinguishing systems

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