Two men in the data center looking at server racks
Waste heat recovery in data centers

CO2-free heat for greater climate protection

AI generated graphic depicting artificial intelligence in the form of flying numbers and data in space and a digital brain
The code of the future?

An interview with expert Prof. Dr. Patrick Glauner on the limits and potential of artificial intelligence

Light bulb lies sideways on a mound of earth with a small plant growing on it
Consumption detected, loss averted

mvv blog article on sustainable and economical data centers

white ventilation system with plants left and right of it
Using waste heat from data centers sensibly

"Bytes2Heat" delivers solutions for green (waste) heat from data centers

Water drops forming a light stream
Questions and answers about cooling and energy performance in data centers

Interview with Consultant Fabian Buda

Graphic in blue, brains sprout from the ground like plants
What is High Performance Computing (HPC)?

Interview with HPC expert Daniel Menzel (Menzel IT GmbH)

2 hands, each holding a puzzle piece with thumb and index finger, which fit into each other
"It's a match!"

Strategic crosslinking of IT- and data center strategy for efficient, durable and sustainable data centers.

World map in blue with connection points from one point of the earth to another
Decentralization and the boost to digitalization

Donald Badoux (CSO DCG) in conversation with Dr Thomas King (CTO DE-CIX) about the development of data traffic in Germany.

Potenials of digitalization for the green transformation
Taking advantage of the potential of digitalization for green transformation

Data center construction with vision: Data Center Group experts unlock the immense potential of sustainable concepts

5 stars, 4 of which are placed on a table and the 5th star is placed on the table by a person

The first public energy efficiency register for data centers

4 men at a starting block, kneeling
We need more transparency for a fair competition

Woman standing in a server aisle of a data center
The high-performance data center of tomorrow

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