Maintenance of existing and
new facilities

For trouble-free operation

We reduce potential disruptions and failures of your data center. By regularly and carefully managing and reviewing maintenance and service logs, of the facilities included in the range of services, we identify weak points at an early stage. We initiate the elimination of objectionable points, follow up on them and discuss the necessity as well as the costs and extent of services of possible repair work together with you.

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Our maintenance service

In general maintenance we keep the following components of your

IT room systems, IT safes, IT containers and data centers in view:

  • We check the general structural condition.
  • We take over the inspection of the structural fire protection.
  • We check whether physical influences such as water, dust or smoke are penetrating your system.
  • We offer optimization suggestions by analyzing which measures make sense to prevent or remedy deficiencies.

Room components such as cold and hot aisle containment and door systems are regularly inspected as part of our maintenance and optimized if necessary:

  • Recommendations of airflow concepts
  • Certified inspection of door systems

To ensure trouble-free operation of your data center, maintenance of the energy components used, such as UPS systems, electrical installations and emergency power system (EPS), is required:

  • Manufacturer-dependent inspection of your UPS systems to ensure the highest possible availability.
  • On request, we perform additional battery maintenance including battery capacity tests by means of load banks.
  • Our qualified personnel carries out inspections and maintenance of your stationary electrical equipment.
  • If required, we check the installations by means of a thermal imaging camera.
  • We have trained personnel to perform work on live equipment.
  • Maintenance of the emergency power supply is carried out by aggregate manufacturers in accordance with the WHG (Water Resources Act).
  • We support you with the operator obligations, such as the execution of test runs.
  • We supply mobile power generators and UPS systems as a substitute measure.

Climate control components such as air conditioning and ventilation systems are checked as part of our maintenance. Our service is also available outside your data center.

  • Maintenance and inspection in accordance with the German Engineering Association and legal requirements.
  • Delivery of mobile cooling units (cold water and split are available).

Security components include extinguishing systems, early fire detection systems, hazard detection systems, access control systems, personnel and material gates, video surveillance, intrusion detection systems and water warning systems. We monitor and test all of these components as part of our maintenance services:

  • The maintenance of hazard alarm systems is carried out in accordance with VdS Damage Prevention or National fire protection association (NFPA).
  • We carry out manufacturer-independent functional tests of the access systems.

During the maintenance of network components, we check the cabling in your data center.

  • We support you in the management of your passive network infrastructure.
  • We perform ITIL compliant documentation and remote hands services. More about these services you can find here

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Our services

Whether short-term troubleshooting and repair, emergency management, preventive measures or carrying out maintenance intervals according to the schedule: We offer the solution that is right for you.

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