DC IT Safe

The modular compact data center for the security of your IT infrastructure.

  • Small size: dimensions (HxWxD) 1620 x 790 x 1200 mm
  • Dust/water protection IP 56 according to EN 60529
  • Burglary protection RC 2 according to EN 1627/EN 1630
  • Fire protection EI90 according to EN 13501-2 and EN 1363-1
Configure now

Basic protection for small IT loads

The DC IT Safe Mini is the smaller version of the Micro Data Center. It is suitable for a smaller IT load and perfectly fits the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) such as smaller industrial companies, law firms, agencies, medical practices, etc. It is equipped as an "all-in-one" solution: The air conditioning solution is already built in and no additional outdoor unit is required.

The solution requires no further on-site assembly and is plug-and-play ready. The safe can contain up to 21 U (height units) in total. The DC IT Safe Mini is best suited for use as an edge solution on premises - especially when low latencies and data sovereignty are required.

Basic protection against physical hazards

Fire protection

Burglary protection

Explosion protection

Water and dust protection

Protection from debris load

Protection against vandalism

Protection from radiation

Noise protection

Protection against corrosive gases

The modular IT security enclosure

  • Basic protection for your IT against fire, water, dust, burglary and explosion.
  • Integrated air conditioning solution - no outdoor unit required
  • Energy-efficient air conditioning unit
  • Ideal for data-sensitive industries such as law firms, agencies or clinics
  • Perfect for smaller IT needs

Standard equipment

Two cable bulkheads for the passage of data lines
Key lock with profile half cylinder
Split air conditioning with outdoor unit on the safe and evaporator in the safe
Modern climate control with individual temperature alarm and fault display (Fig. similar)
Emergency stop rotary switch above the rear service door
19-inch mounts (Fig. similar)

Optional equipment

Optional: Early fire detection, optionally including extinguishing system (Fig. similar)
Optional: Monitoring solution for permanent system monitoring
Optional: PDU bar (passive or intelligent)
Optional: Emergency power system (UPS) up to 3 kVA
Optional: Electronic profile cylinder
Optional: Various rack accessories

Technical Details

Height 1672 mm
Wide 790 mm
Depth 1.200 mm
19" recordings approx. 700 x 900 mm
Number of height units 31 (29 horizontal, 2 vertical)
Tare weight (kg) 450 – 500 kg
Cable bulkheads 2 (in the page elements)
Air conditioning Hermetically separated redundant cooling of 1.6 kW capacity
Door lock Key lock with profile half cylinder
Optional equipment Electrical profile cylinder lock, monitoring system for permanent system monitoring, passive or intelligent PDU strip, early fire detection, extinguishing system, emergency power generator (UPS) up to 3 kVA, closed safe rear, various rack accessories