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Your Data Center Solution: As individual as your company

You need a data center that is right for your company and your business. There are various options for making your own IT infrastructure secure and available. Which solution is best for your company depends on several factors such as location, connectivity, security and especially the future resilience of the data center.

2 men with helmets are standing in front of a construction site with a crane. The right man points with his hand to the construction site

Individuality at its best: together, we build your new data center from the floor slab to the roof. No matter to what extent you want to build the heart of your IT, whether in a small space or in larger IT areas. We advise and support you comprehensively throughout the entire data center project, from the initial idea to the handover of the keys.

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Empty space where infrastructure for future data centers is already attached

With targeted reengineering measures, we increase efficiency and sustainability in your existing data center. Here, the focus is on redesigning existing structures so that significant energy savings can be achieved with little effort. In addition, performance is also increased by replacing old systems with new ones. In the long term, your data center will thus become more economical, more sustainable and remain competitive.

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Impression of a DC IT container being loaded. Double chaining. 2 technicians help with the lowering

Save valuable time compared to conventional construction with our plug and play modular construction method, using fully equipped room modules. Our modular construction data centers grow with our customers' needs - even while in operation, and with maximum flexibility in floor plan design.

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DC IT Container in gray with red security door

Limitation Makes Creative. Although building in existing spaces presents some challenges, it can prove profitable, especially for smaller data centers. There is no need for time-consuming and costly location research. Let us make the most of your existing space.

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2 Plug and Play containers in black. Next to it security door, measuring devices and a fire extinguisher.

Always where it's needed. Constantly growing digitalization and globalization sometimes require fast solutions. With our containers, you can have a mobile data center built entirely according to your wishes in the shortest possible time. Manage your data on site and stay flexible.

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Man in a data center with tablet in hand

Knowledge and data theft are playing an increasingly important role these days. A room shielding solution (Data Center Shielding) can protect your server room from data loss due to espionage and eavesdropping attacks, electronic attacks (EMP) and natural electromagnetic spikes (e.g. lightning).

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2 DC IT containers in red, in the foreground a red pedestal with a laptop on it

A data center that adapts to you. Many factors that affect data center construction are variable and can change over time. Start with the smallest configuration and keep the option to upgrade to the full equipment when you need it. The Mini Data Center offers flexibility and therefore scalable costs.

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Our all-inclusive services
for your data center

To ensure that the home of your data is always up to date, we offer you the appropriate data center services individually adapted to your specific needs.

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