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Whether server room or large data center, whether KRITIS company, SME or group - almost every company today is highly dependent on IT systems that organize the business. Within the framework of project development, we examine the framework conditions for your project (environment, energy connection and connectivity), keep an eye on norms and standards and develop a concept with a cost prognosis from this. We support you in the further marketing of the concept and prepare the necessary documents such as feasibility study, exposé and management summary.

Our project development-building blocks

Depending on where you are in the process of your IT project, on the one hand all participants have to be brought to the same level of knowledge and on the other hand decisions for the next steps have to be planned. However, this can only be achieved if influencing factors are made transparent and the dependencies are shown. The initial workshop is the basis for all parties involved in the data center process.

A data center project is influenced by various factors. Not all factors are always within the sphere of influence of one person or one department. Your executive management looks at your IT project with different parameters than the building services or networkers. However, all these stakeholders are important to achieve a result that suits you and your goals. Therefore, the different perspectives need to be made visible and understandable for everyone. With a strategy paper, you achieve maximum transparency and information density at the beginning of your project.

When you need to make decisions, you need facts. We document comprehensively under which conditions your project is feasible.

With our data center feasibility study, we develop the IT and data center strategy according to your requirements. In doing so, we include location factors, such as a development plan, in the considerations and develop a rough concept from this. We document all considerations, whether existing buildings or new construction, or whether your requirements can be developed at the desired location. We examine the various opportunities and risks, the energy connection and connectivity. You will also receive a cost overview so you can develop your business case.

The analysis of all geographic opportunities and risks is an important building block for your further decisions. Meteorological factors such as heavy rain or lightning frequency, geological risks such as earthquakes and attack hazards must be identified and evaluated. Measures are developed to minimize these risks. An environment analysis is part of the standard compliance according to DIN EN 50600.

Once the framework conditions and measures for implementing your IT project are known, we compile all the information into a general concept in a further step, so that you know what is needed. You can then check space requirements and determine costs for the IT budget

Where is the right location for your data center? By means of preliminary studies we create or check your data center strategy based on the different influencing factors. Depending on your requirements, we evaluate and assess the suitability of different locations. This site evaluation serves as an important tool for you to develop your concept with manageable effort.

Based on your requirements, we develop a server room or data center project with you, documenting each step leading to the concept. We take into account all cost factors to determine an investment budget. We calculate what IT operation costs and show you alternative energy concepts. Do you want to offer colocation and rent out data center space? Or would you like to develop a data center as an investment property? Then we will show you the opportunities that the data center market currently offers.

In every phase of a data center project, whether small or large, it is worthwhile to check the implementation of the measures with regard to possible funding measures. We analyze the possibilities and modalities of the funding programs for you and support you in applying for the funds.

"We are highly convinced of the consultants' know-how and rely on long-term support for our projects with the Data Center Group."

Kai Wenzke, Head of Department Data Center, QITS GmbH

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