Sustainable data centers

The strong growth of the data center industry, especially in Germany, demands enormous amounts of resources. To minimize this demand while not slowing down growth, we are working on sustainable and energy-efficient solutions to reduce the ecological footprint and protect the environment.

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Why we convince sustainably


We plan and build IT solutions according to the latest standards and technology. So that the highest energy efficiency is guaranteed.


We make efficient use of resources such as water, building materials and waste heat, thus avoiding burdens on the environment. For a green future.


We plan and build according to ESG standards so that your data center is future-proof.

Our measures for the green transformation

Waste heat recovery

We use accruing waste heat to generate heat


according to the Blue Angel eco-label

Photovoltaics & facade greening

Energy recovery and natural heat reduction of the IT protective shell

Research collaborations

We work on the topics of the future

Shaping the future sustainable

Court scales with green leaves on them, more leaves below, a forest in the background
EnEfG plus EED - dual challenge for data centers?

Construction site situation embedded with the recycling sign. An orange excavator in the background
Use of sustainable building materials and recycling in data center construction

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