DC IT DataSafes S

for more data security

  • Protection against burglary
  • Protection against fire
  • Certified fire protection according to ECB-S, according to EN 1047-1, grade S 120 DIS
  • Standard with EN 1300 certified double-bit security lock with 2 keys

Protection against significant physical hazards

Protection against unauthorized access

Protection from extinguishing water

Protection from moisture

DataSafe S13 with black folders and boxes

Technical data

  • Equipped with emergency lock
  • Can be equipped with shelves and/or drawers (exclusive)
  • Door opening angle: 180
  • Door sides with locking bolts: 3
  • Anchoring: none
  • Mounting material included: no
  • Color/Finish: RAL 7035 - Light gray



  • 442 x 420 (W x D in mm)
  • 851 x 420 (W x D in mm)
Shelf of the safe with 4 light blue folders on the left
  • 400 x 460 (B x T in mm)
  • 807 x 460 (B x T im mm)
Pull-out shelf of a safe, 3 sticks

for pull-out shelves Dividers for width and depth

Division of the shelf into smaller compartments in a safe

different heights, separately lockable, single or double door

Inner compartment of a safe, 4 light blue folders on the left side
  • handle with double-bit safety lock
  • electronic key combination lock
Manual lock in black
Electronic lock with numeric keypad
Keypad lock with lever for opening

Technical details

Floor anchoring, mounting material and interior fittings are not included in the standard delivery. Special painting and left hinge on request.
Typ S11 S12 S13 S14 S15
Fire protection S120DIS S120DIS S120DIS S120DIS S120DIS
External dimensions (mm) 732x786x918 1052x786x918 1295x786x918 1850x786x918 1850x1195x918
Interior dimensions (mm) 332x444x470 652x444x470 895x444x470 1450x444x470 1450x855x470
Capacity (l) 71 139 191 310 590
Weight (kg) 288 380 445 631 922