Energy and Environmental

Identify weaknesses and potentials

How good or bad is your energy consumption? What opportunities are there to optimize your energy use? What funding is available? We analyze and optimize your energy consumption, support the implementation of an energy management system and accompany you through audits and certifications.

Our energy and environmental management-building blocks

Energy resources are limited. The better their use is planned, the more efficiently the IT infrastructure will function. Therefore, we detect weak points and localize hidden potentials.

Based on localized savings potentials, we develop concepts with you to reduce your energy consumption. Some of these are even eligible for funding and we support you in the application process.

Are you facing the challenge of introducing an energy management system in your company? We show you the right tools and measures to make your company fit for EMS and further energy savings.

Companies are sometimes required by law to conduct an energy audit. Our energy managers support you in the preparation of an upcoming audit. We show which steps are necessary to achieve an energy management system that meets the requirements of ISO 50001. We also support companies that already operate an energy management system and need to convert it to the amended standard by familiarizing them with the new requirements.

If you do not currently have an energy management representative, you can call on competent staff from our company. An EMR identifies savings potential with relevant key figures, coordinates the implementation of an energy management system and accompanies the certification process.

What does the Blue Angel eco-label for data centers stand for? Can my server room or data center be Blue Angel certified? To answer these questions, we check your technical infrastructure and show you which requirements from IT have to be provided to get a certification. This measure is also supported by the Federal Environment Agency. We support you with the application for the funding.

If your server room or data center meets the necessary criteria, we will accompany you during the certification process. We have our own auditors for the ecolabel and take care of an efficient and uncomplicated realization of your certification.

In every phase of a data center project, whether small or large, it is worthwhile to check the implementation of the measures with regard to possible funding measures. We analyze the possibilities and modalities of the funding programs for you and support you in applying for the funds.

The topic of energy and environmental management in connection with the infrastructure of a data center is currently gaining in importance. The coalition agreement of the Federal Government and the emergency program of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection specify some cornerstones for this. We teach you the basics of collecting the relevant data and advise you on all topics relating to energy saving as well as the corresponding funding measures. Concepts for decarbonization are also part of our scope of services. Depending on the customer's requirements, we can also assess complete company structures according to DIN EN 14001.

Does your server room or data center meet the requirements of the EMAS seal of approval and thus the requirements of the international environmental management standard ISO 14001? If so, we will accompany you during the certification process so that the auditor's specific requirements can be taken into account.

"The industry is facing the major challenge of operating data centers in an energy-efficient and climate-friendly way. Anyone who does not follow this path will have a hard time surviving on the market in the long term. It's an investment, but a sustainable one for the future. I am pleased that we have already gone down this path with our new data center."

Kay Sander, Managing Director, PBIT Systeme

Shaping the future

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Our team of experts

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Michael Wörster

Consultant Data Center Infrastructure
Team Lead

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Fabian Buda

Consultant Data Center Infrastructure

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Thomas Bradler

Consultant Data Center Infrastructure

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Steffan Leuschner

Consultant Network Infrastructure

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Dr. Dieter Thiel

Consultant Energy Concepts

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Hans-Jürgen Grabe

Consultant Information Security

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