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Efficient and sustainable IT protection for today and tomorrow

News | 13.12.2021

Digitization receives a significant share in the recently negotiated coalition agreement of the new government and is listed under the heading "modern state, digital awakening". This is a logical consequence of the latest developments - accelerated, as is well known, by the global pandemic.

In this strong digital focus, the concrete intentions with regard to the security of data and IT infrastructures and the logical link between digitization and sustainability are particularly positive. On the one hand, modern digital IT infrastructures are drivers of digital processes and, on the other, offer you potential and solutions for saving emissions.

For example, the coalition agreement states: "We will orient data centers in Germany toward ecological sustainability and climate protection, among other things by using waste heat. Certifications such as the Blue Angel are also to become more and more standard.
(German Source: https://www.tagesschau.de/koalitionsvertrag-147.pdf, S. 18)

What do the resolutions in the coalition agreement mean in concrete terms?

The Blue Angel is a symbol for energy- and resource-efficient data center operation. Significant savings in electricity requirements can be identified and implemented, particularly in the air conditioning of data centers and server rooms.

That is why the Blue Angel specifies certain criteria, including:

  • Efficiency criteria for data center server procurement.
  • Compliance with a limit value for "Power Usage Effectivness" (PUE) of 1.3 or lower
  • Proof that a suitable system for monitoring and energy management is installed
  • The use of natural refrigerants
  • An annual performance factor (COP) of 8 or better
  • The requirement from the coalition agreement for climate protection through sustainable solutions and waste heat utilization are very diverse.

What exactly can the modern state and digital awakening look like?

It is clear that "green" data centers alone are fit for the future. Many factors play a decisive role here, such as consulting, sustainable construction planning and implementation, energy-efficient building technology, energy-saving use of resources, smart monitoring and, last but not least, the operation of the data centers and server rooms.

Sustainability, energy efficiency and certification

Our consultants offer you advice on all aspects of sustainability, energy efficiency and certification. From workshops to inventories and certification support to the planning and implementation of climate-friendly data centers, the Data Center Group is your competent partner.


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