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What should be considered when planning data centers?

Better performance, lower operating costs, and satisfied data center operators: The demands on data centers and facilities for protecting high-availability IT infrastructures are constantly growing - and so are the demands on building technology.

As an architect or planner, you work on many exciting projects. It is not always easy to keep track of the specific challenges in data center construction. There are many different factors that influence the planning of data center solutions.

As a reliable partner, we help to plan secure, energy-efficient, economical and highly available infrastructures for the future.


We provide support for data center planning

We offer architects and planners all-round support for data center projects - at every stage and individually tailored to requirements. We enable you to meet the specific requirements, standards and laws for the realization of data centers.

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Our support for planners and architects

Consulting and conception

  • Standards and guidelines for data centers
  • Availability requirement and protection classes
  • Project support
  • Manufacturer-neutral consulting

Data center planning

  • Support for planners, especially for the equipment of data centers
  • Object and TGA planning (air conditioning, electrical, fire protection, etc.)
  • Planning of network technology (fiber optics)
  • Design of products for the protection of IT infrastructures (micro data center, container data center, security rooms)

Our range of services for data center planning

Support during project planning

Preparation of plans

Static data

Area layouts

Tender texts

For planners, architects and civil engineers, the preparation of tenders is an essential task. We support you as far as possible with our neutral tender texts for our data center products. You can use the form to request the appropriate tender text.

Data center planning in practice

Convince yourself of our numerous references in the field of data center design, planning and architecture from various industries.

Construction site situation embedded with the recycling sign. An orange excavator in the background
Use of sustainable building materials and recycling in data center construction

Climate crisis and data centers

Checklist for minimizing risks during extreme weather events

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