Climate crisis and data centers

Checklist for minimizing risks during extreme weather events
News | 24.10.2023

Due to the climate crisis, the number of extreme weather events continues to increase. Therefore, data centers need to be well prepared for extreme weather-related events such as power outages to ensure continuous operations. 

Here is a checklist of items to consider when preparing for such events:

  • Backup power: Installing UPS (uninterruptible power supply) systems and NEA (emergency standby power) systems will ensure uninterrupted operations. More Information
  • Redundancy: the data center ideally has dual power supply paths, multiple UPSs and NEAs, and redundant cooling systems - if one unit fails, the other can take over and the faulty unit can be replaced at rest. More Information
  • Monitoring and alerting: Monitoring and alerting systems identify potential trouble spots and vulnerabilities so that lightning-fast responses can be made before things become a problem. More Information
  • Maintenance: Regular and careful maintenance and testing of the emergency power supply systems as well as the backup power systems serve as prophylaxis and prevention. More Information
  • Location: choosing the right location and avoiding risk areas serves to minimize risks such as floods, storms or earthquakes. More Information
  • Contingency Plan: Should an extreme weather event actually occur, a crisis plan for system recovery is essential to resume regular data center operations. More Information
  • Data Backup and Replication: All important data should be saved both regularly and multiple times across multiple disks to ensure no progress or data is lost. More Information
  • Personnel and training plans: A well-developed emergency plan and well-trained personnel are essential to ensure that every move is made correctly, that there is no panic and that an extreme situation can be handled well. More Information
  • Air conditioning: Extreme weather can also bring extreme temperatures, so efficient cooling is essential. More Information


With these measures, every data center is well protected even against extreme weather events. Data Center Group supports as a reliable partner every step of the way.

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