Explosion protection

IT security also means protection
against explosive attacks

Test of explosion resistance following EN 13123-2/13124-2. Test procedure for the protection against high explosives placed near the test object and the resulting shock wave. 

Classificaton Explosive charge (kg) Distance (m)
EXR1 3 5,0
EXR2 3 3,0
EXR3 12 5,5
EXR4 12 4,0
EXR5 20 4,0

Explosion test resistance class EXR2

Experimental setup 2 containers freestanding

IT security cabinet Granite vs. standard cabinet 

Upon our request the Federal Insititute for Materials Reseach and Testing performed the following test:

Test of our Grane-Room vs. standard F90 security room (made of standard F90 sandwich panels). 
The result: Only 5 kg TNT are required to destroy the standard F90 cabinet almost completely whereas the hard- and software within the GranITe-Room withstood a detonation with 12 kg TNT. 

2 containers freestanding
Test preparation EXR2 with 3 kg TNT.
Explosion in which fire and dirt comes out of the container
The explosion / test.
After the test: Granite is intact, while the standard cabinet is very battered
After the test: The intact Granite and damaged standard room.

Explosion test resistance class EXR3

IT security cabinet GranITe vs. standard cabinet

2 Micro Data Centers next to each other, left red, right white, test setup2 Micro Data Centers next to each other, left red, right white, test setup
Test preparation EXR3 with 12 kg TNT.
The data center explodes, fire
The explosion / test
The left data center is undamaged, the right one completely destroyed
Damaged standard cabinets and intact GranITe.
keyboard, mouse and screen, test whether destroyed
After the explosion test with 12 kg TNT the inside of the security cabinet is completely intact. The IT is running!
Broken PC equipment such as keyboard, mouse and screen
The intact interior of the security cabinet.

Our certification

Image BAM - Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung
Image ECB-S

Ideally protected

Our patented security solutions comply with the quality assurance on the protection properties against all physical sources of danger.

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