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Double solution for maximum security

Room system and micro data center for Erhardt+Leimer
References | 04.03.2024

Erhardt+Leimer Elektroanlagen GmbH from Augsburg in Bavaria is a company that specialises in building, security and communication technology for industry and commerce in all sectors as well as demanding electrical installations in the residential sector. 

The company is part of the Erhardt+Leimer Group, which is one of the world's leading suppliers of automation, control, regulation and inspection technologies. Erhardt+Leimer Elektroanlagen GmbH currently employs around 200 people. Turnover in 2023 was around 17 million euros.

Due to a move to a new company building, the technical management also decided to reorganise the IT infrastructure in 2021. The IT infrastructure had previously grown organically with the company and needed to accommodate the growth. E+L became aware of the Data Center Group with the help of an internet search and ultimately decided in favour of DCG's offer.

Data Center Group equipped the company with a modular room-in-room solution, the DC IT Room as the main data center and a micro data center, the DC IT Safe Triple, as a backup data center, through to turnkey commissioning. As an expert, the company took care of the electrical components itself.

"Data Center Group impressed us with a coherent overall package that set it apart from the competition. In addition, we were able to view reference projects on site, which reinforced our decision in favour of DCG," says Michael Mayer, master electrical engineer and administrator of telecommunications and IT at Erhardt+Leimer, explaining his decision.

All administrative processes and the entire hub system, which is used by every employee in the company, run via the main data center. This is transferred to the outside world via gateways so that it can also be used on employees' mobile devices outside the company.

"In order for our employees to be able to work with their devices on site, our systems must be reliable. In order to monitor our systems, we have set up a separate network that also runs via the data center," says Peter Czech, IT Manager at Erhardt+Leimer.


The completion of the data centers had to take place in parallel with the construction progress of the new company building and was completed on schedule without any delays. The contract was awarded in December 2021 and the project was completed in April 2023. 

The company's conclusion is positive: "We are very satisfied with the project. All time and organisational requirements were met. We now have a fail-safe and highly available solution in which our data is secure. DCG did a great job," summarises Michael Mayer.


Facts & Figures:

  • Solution: DC IT Room Quartzite 9.3 & DC IT Safe Triple
  • Tested according to DIN 4102, EN 1363 and EN 13501-2
  • Requirements fulfilled for VK 3-4, TIER Level II & III, TÜV Level 2+3
  • UPS and emergency power supply systems
  • NOVEC 1230 fire extinguishing system, early fire detection system
  • Monitoring DCM Agent


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