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Partnership with Datwyler IT Infra

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News | 12.04.2023

Since last year, the Data Center Group has been working together with Datwyler IT Infra - a partnership of equals from which the customers of both companies can only benefit.

Datwyler IT Infra is an internationally active company with headquarters in Switzerland and subsidiaries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Datwyler helps organizations around the world to successfully expand their core business thanks to future-proof and intelligent IT/OT infrastructures.

The solid company appears on the market, among other things, as a supplier of innovative system solutions, products and services for data centers, but also as a partial or general contractor, covering the entire value chain in its data center projects. The basis for this is Datwyler's high level of expertise in the development and manufacture of the required products and solutions, its project experience, its global presence and its internationally established partner network.

Datwyler was founded in 1915 and employs 950 people worldwide. Among the data center projects that Datwyler IT Infra supplies or manages itself, there are many well-known names - just as with the Data Center Group. For the existing customers of both companies, but also with regard to new orders, this partnership represents a perfect complement. After all, both teams have a wealth of expertise and sustainable, future-oriented solutions that the other can use profitably in its projects.

The partnership is already bearing fruit: In Germany and Switzerland, both companies are in the process of developing joint data center projects for new customers.

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