Security and energy efficiency – Not a matter of size

Every datacenter nowadays, no matter which dimension, has to meet regulatory and entrepreneurial requirements, whether they concern physical security, availability or economic efficiency of the datacenter location. Every operator is dependent on a safe and high-available IT infrastructure to a large extent. A new building is not always required since IT containers are a suitable alternative of datacenter construction, especially for medium-sized companies.

Die DATA CENTER GROUP designs and implements small and big datacenters (IT security areas) very professionally. Our experience with a large variety of customers shows that not only major corporations but also smaller companies profit from an optimized and sustainable IT location. Planning each new project individually, rather than drawing on standard solutions, we can find a custom-tailored solution for your budget,the requirements of your IT and your space possibilities. Do you have any questions regarding the ideal use of available areas or the savings potential of small IT security zones? Please contact us – we will be glad to assist you!

Overall efficiency through state-of-the-art technology

For effective project realizations in terms of optimized datacenter infrastructures and efficient capacities, a redundant planning, preventing unnecessary energy consumption and consequently increased operational costs, is crucial. “Redundancies of electricity supply and climate control as well as dual supplies and non-disruptive maintenance of the systems are an important factor in modern datacenters”, stresses the IT specialist. The recommended room temperature inside a datacenter is between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius with an air moisture of 30 to 50% relative humidity. In order that availability and security of the IT components are not being affected, the operating temperature has to be kept constant. Hence, increasing waste heat,

conditioned by augmented integration of processors or servers, demands innovative air conditioning solutions. “Cooling is an important aspect in this context. But even here we go by the individual requirements and decide for a certain system as needed”. “That’s why, for example, the location inside the building or the ceiling height are just as important in the planning process as the appropriate air shroud through access floors or cold aisle containment as well as hot aisle containment. In any case, we count on competent and high-quality suppliers, who are numbered among the market leaders with their solutions. And only this way it is possible to create an entirely ideal datacenter that is aligned to the overall concept”,

Ralf Siefen explains. Increasingly, water-air-heat exchanger, that are installed non-centrally at the rack and cool if needed, are suitable for compensating the heat loss of the inserted information and telecommunication technology (ICT). With two or three phase feed the electricity supply uses redundant channels of supply just like the air conditioning does. “It is always crucial that all inserted components can work with each other and are built modularly. Only by doing so, the utmost planning certainty with flexible scalability can be achieved”. That is how Siefen clarifies the importance of a well-structured datacenter planning.


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