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Massive energy savings through replacement of chillers

Consumption optimization for Rechenzentrum Verden GmbH
References | 31.08.2023

Rechenzentrum Verden GmbH, short rzv, is the technical service provider of "Vereinigte Informationssysteme Tierhaltung w.V." short vit. vit is the leading information service provider for animal husbandry and breeding and for the operational and breeding management for agricultural organizations. As a service provider, rzv is responsible for the connection of vit's customers and with the help of its employees ensures a trouble-free data exchange and operation.

The services provided by rzv include among others

- Administration of applications and program systems for servers, PCs, smartphones and the Internet

- Operation, maintenance and control of networks and approx. 550 physical and virtual servers

- Ensuring availability and fail-safe operation

- Data backup and long-term archiving

- IT consulting and user support

A failure of the IT infrastructure would therefore have a significant impact on numerous agricultural businesses. They would no longer be able to access their databases and business processes, which would lead to delays in operations. For this reason, Data Center Group was commissioned to replace the chillers. The old chillers were no longer energy efficient and caused complications such as breakdowns, overheating and increased consumption during the warm summer months.

The contract was awarded based on positive experience from previous projects that had been successfully completed. The many years of experience and expertise of the Data Center Group's service specialists convinced the customer.

The Data Center Group took over the complete service, such as the planning and realization, as well as the replacement of the two chillers, without any downtime of the data center and within only 10 days during operation. During this period, the lightning protection system was also adapted and the surge protection was modernized.

The quantifiable benefits of the replacement were apparent after just a few weeks:

Saved kWh and associated saved costs from May to July 2023 compared to the same period last year

In addition, rzv saves high repair costs, which previously had to be spent on the old chillers. The new chillers are less susceptible to faults and can be better monitored with the help of a monitoring program. The resulting increased reliability stabilizes the operating processes and minimizes disruptions. On the technical side, the replacement of the old systems enables better visualization and data transmission via SNMP monitoring as well as e-mail and SMS transmission.

The résumé is accordingly positive:

"The project to install the chillers had a positive impact on the company's efficiency, operating costs and reliability. This makes it clear that the company has taken a sensible and successful step by replacing the chillers," sums up Jens Koenig, Building Services Engineer


Facts and figures:

- Installation of microbubble and sludge separator.

- Adaptation of piping completely in stainless steel

- Installation of surge protection

- Monitoring via WIB 8000

- 100 % free cooling operation up to 12°C AT

- Mixed operation from 13 - 16°C AT

- Electrical power consumption in FC mode old: approx. 3.0 kW

- Electrical power consumption in FC mode new: approx. 0.9 kW

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