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IT infrastructures and data centers for the industrial sector

As in many sectors, everything in industry has to be faster, better and more reliable. Relevant information and company data should be available at a glance around the clock. Decision-intelligent systems for process control as well as Big Data and Business Intelligence (BI) have become important components of Industry 4.0 concepts. Production should run without disruptions so that delivery deadlines can be met and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. This requires highly available and fail-safe IT infrastructures.



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What do data centers for industry look like?

Whether in the area of Industry 4.0, automation or digitalized manufacturing and smart production processes - here, data must be stored and evaluated directly on site (on prem, on premise) in order to control production smoothly. In many cases, disruptions in real-time production control can quickly become very expensive.

So-called edge solutions bring the servers and IT components directly to production and the edge of the network. This means that the data source and the evaluating system are as close together as possible.

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Data sovereignty and privacy

Data sovereignty and privacy


Low latency and low downtime

Low latency and low downtime


Lower energy consumption

Lower energy consumption

IT infrastructures for industry in use worldwide

Companies and institutions that operate globally also often face the challenge of having their IT infrastructure comply with the same policies in all the different locations around the world. For this reason, companies often develop globally valid compliance guidelines with regard to the company's own IT systems.
This is because IT must be protected according to the same standards, regardless of location, whether at the country or plant level. We can help you define this standard for your IT infrastructures to ensure the best possible protection of your production data and the safeguarding of product processes.

We supply you with the same solution all over the world. However, adaptations to regional conditions (e.g. different power qualities) are also possible.

The same quality through certified solutions, proven by product tests.

Compliant with corporate compliance guidelines and adapted to your needs.

Data center solutions for industrial companies

We have already proven our expertise to many customers from industry and manufacturing, for example global automotive suppliers, steel industry, from chemical and pharmaceutical industry, paper and packaging industry as well as other producers from Germany and abroad. Here you can find an excerpt of our references:

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