Little effort - big energy savings.

RZservices ensures greater efficiency and sustainability with targeted re-engineering in the Hörmann data center.

The Hörmann Group is Europe's leading supplier of doors and gates. Since the company was founded in 1935, more than 20 million doors have been produced and delivered worldwide. The Group produces high-quality gates, doors, frames, operators, access control and storage systems for use in private and commercial properties around the globe. The headquarters of the globally active Hörmann Group is the small Westphalian town of Steinhagen in Germany. Since 2012, the company has relied on the expertise of DATA CENTER GROUP when it comes to secure IT infrastructures, having built the Hörmann data center at its main site in Steinhagen. And after the construction is before the service: The use of RZservices (service business unit of DATA CENTER GROUP) shows that a large saving of energy is possible with little effort.

A long and trusting cooperation

Hörmann and DATA CENTER GROUP already have a long history together. DATA CENTER GROUP built a modern, highly available and efficient data center at its headquarters in Steinhagen. Already in 2016, the 4th German Data Center Day took place at Hörmann's premises and DATA CENTER GROUP has a long history of trustful cooperation with Hörmann in the field of fire protection doors.

Hörmann und Data Center Group

"Targeted re-engineering measures, i. e. re-designing existing systems and structures or replacing an old system with a new one, can achieve a great result in terms of energy savings with little effort. This makes the data center more sustainable, which in the end also contributes to immense cost savings", reports Ulrich Mickler, Technical Director of RZservices. He optimizes data centers to keep them efficient and to make them more sustainable. The expert specifically identifies weak points and adjusts all parameters in such a way that the result is greater efficiency and cost savings through lower energy consumption. His know-how and expertise are based on numerous successfully implemented projects.


One of many examples of how energy consumption can be reduced with little effort through re-engineering is the power adjustment carried out by Mr. Mickler at the Hörmann data center in Steinhagen: In the initial situation, six air-conditioning cabinets with different power configurations were working here. "After the adjustment was carried out by the power equalization of the climatic chambers, there was a reduction of 6 kW with approx. 4,300 operating hours. Projected over the year, the savings now amount to 25,800 kWh", reports Ingo Reichelt, Data Center Operations Administrator at Hörmann.

Another energy saving was achieved by adjusting the power with a frequency converter. A cooling water pump was adjusted. The initial situation here was that the cooling water pump of chiller 1 had an output of 4.2 KW. After the adjustment by the RZservices expert, a reduction of 2.6 kW was achieved with approximately 4,300 operating hours, which means an annual energy saving of 10,400 kWh.

Hörmann und Data Center Group
Hörmann und Data Center Group

"We have been working with DATA CENTER GROUP for many years and are pleased about the ongoing and trusting cooperation on an equal level", emphasizes Ingo Reichelt. "The experts from RZservices simply know exactly what is important. They know our data center and all the trades inside out. With their know-how, they make our IT infrastructure even more sustainable. We feel well taken care of all around. Additionally, the targeted measures enable us to make significant savings in energy costs at little expense. After all, the annual cost savings of only these two re-engineering measures amount to almost 10,000 EUR."


DCG-History with Hörmann

1. Project (2012)Location Hörmann KG Verkaufsgesellschaft, SteinhagenNew building DC2 incl. trades (F90 room in room solution, air conditioning/electrical engineering)
2. Project (2013)Location Hörmann KG Verkaufsgesellschaft, SteinhagenExtension air conditioning RZ 2
3. Project (2013)Location Frankreich (Sens)New building DC incl. trades
4. Project (2014)Location FreisenTrim DC incl. trades
5. Project (2014)Location Gütersloh (Firma Huga)New building DC incl. trades (F90 room in room, climate etc…)
6. Project (2014)Location EnglandNew building DC incl. trades
7. Project (2017)Location Steinhagen (Antriebstechnik)New building DC-IT Safe Triple
8. Project (2016)Location KonradsreuthNew building DC-IT Safe Triple
9. Project (2017)Location Steinhagen (Hauptniederlassung)Trim / Optimization RZ1
10. Project (2018)Location WerneNew building DC-IT Safe Duo
11. Project (2018)Location Steinhagen (Niederlassung)Change UPS system
12. Project (2020)Location Steinhagen (Antriebstechnik)Trim DC1 (1. & 2. construction stage)
13. Project (2021)Location DissenTrim DC1

Operating hours/year

36.200 kWh
Energy saving/year

10.000 EUR
Annual cost savings


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