In the foreground a meadow with trees, in the background skyline of a city
The "Green" Factor: Sustainable Data Centers in the Era of Digitalization

In 2020 only German data centers consumed a total of 16 billion kilowatt hours of energy.

Image of amazon surrounded by green area and forest
Data Center Products masters the Latin American market

The globe, around it a green recycling symbol, in the background brown earth with cracks
Waste heat recovery from data centers - the right networks are needed

Office view Westpole
Strong partnership

Double strength: WESTPOLE Benelux and Data Center Products bundle their expertise

Graphic in which a man in a suit points to an imaginary touchpad and analyzes data and tables
Have security and availability assessed qualitatively and certified

Graph of 4 plants increasing in size and above a graph increasing from left to right. In the background more plants
Data center industry on the rise - What does the future hold?

25% growth increase by the end of the decade.

Top view shot from a beach in Egypt with coral reefs
First prefabricated data center project delivered in Egypt

Data Center Products and Sterling & Wilson supply high-security room to Egypt

Building of Data Center Group, front view
Shareholder structure reloaded: DC-Datacenter-Group GmbH consequently prepares expansion strategy

DCG Team faces future with strength, energy and willpower

DC view front, with road and construction site in front of it
Partial commissioning BA1 of the Main DC Offenbach

The partial commissioning BA1 of the Main DC Offenbach took place thanks to the great team effort of the DC-DataCenter-Group as general…

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