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Kick-off event to start the year for the entire Data Center Group was a complete success
News | 30.01.2023

"We are still on the road to success and have ignited the next stage," says Ralf Siefen, Managing Director of the Data Center Group (DCG), proudly about the performance of the entire group.

Almost all of the approximately 200 DCG employees took part in the annual kick-off event in the Betzdorf town hall in January 2023. The event already has a long tradition, but had to move to the digital space for 3 years due to COVID-19. All the more everyone was happy that they could come together again in person for the annual kick-off event. A nice occasion to gather the whole team which is not only working at the headquarters in Wallmenroth. The employees of the Berlin office and the colleagues who are normally on the road all over Germany at the customer's site traveled to the event. And it was worth it:

Numerous speakers from our own ranks and an external guest speaker ensured a varied and entertaining program. Several coffee breaks as well as lunch and finger food in the evening were provided with the support of the Stadthalle team, so there was also enough time for networking and commincation exchange among colleagues.

The event was opened by the two managing directors Ralf Siefen (CEO) and Dr. Ferdinand Höfer (CFO). Siefen looked with pride at the positive development of the company in the last 18 years and motivated the team with the outlook for some big new projects in the coming years. As early as the end of 2022, DCG reported on the major project that started on the renowed campus in Heidelberg and about the planning of the new stae-of-the-art and energy-efficient data centers for the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz and in Bad Vilbel.  In addition, there are other interesting and large projects in the pipeline, which we will report on shortly.

Various internal speakers from the departments of marketing, sales, human resources, project and offer management, as well as consulting presented with news and information on strategy, measures, results, and goals.

Chief Financial Officer Höfer also presented the good business results of 2022 and the positive forecast for the current fiscal year.

The event was enriched at halftime with a presentation by AI expert Prof. Dr. Glauner. The professor for artificial intelligence at the TH Deggendorf has advised the parliaments of Germany, France and Luxembourg on the topic and is regularly quoted as an expert. He showed in an entertaining and informative way opportunities and risks that artificial intelligence offers and what impact this will have on the economy and society, as well as on the IT infrastructures of the future. He argues that with increasing use of AI in industry and business, jobs will not be lost, but new opportunities will be created. DCG also has more and more attractive jobs to offer in the region due to the positive development of the company and the growth trend continues to increase.

Siefen summed up: "It is impressive what I have heard here today: DCG is in a great position and every department can point to great successes. It was clear today that teamwork is the most important thing: Together we are strong! All DCG employees work every day for maximum added value for our customers. With our strong portfolio, we are unique in the market and we can all be very proud of that." CFO Höfer adds, "This was my first personal DCG kick-off event. I experienced an impressive event and take away many positive impressions of a strong team."

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