Building permit application submitted for new data center in Bad Vilbel


Data Center Group is project developer for a new data center in the Rhine-Main area.

The planned new data center in Bad Vilbel
The planned new data center in Bad Vilbel

Digitization is experiencing an unstoppable, constantly increasing push – video streaming, online gaming, remote work, digital schooling or smart manufacturing to list only a few examples. To keep everything running smoothly, all these applications need highly available and secure data centers behind them.

In the north of Frankfurt am Main, Bad Vilbel (Massenheim), such a data center is to be built to meet this demand. DE-CIX, one of the largest internet nodes in the world, is only a few kilometers away.

The building permit application for the data center has been submitted by a newly formed consortium: WV Energie AG, the municipal utility, its real estate company and the regional utility OVAG want to realize the data center in the Main region together with Data Center Group (DCG) as the project manager.

Ralf Siefen, founder and CEO of Data Center Group
Ralf Siefen, founder and CEO of Data Center Group

This project is the new construction of a state-of-the-art, sustainable and also energetically future-oriented modular data center. "Environmental sustainability plays a significant role in this major project", says Ralf Siefen, CEO of DCG. "We take this into account at various points in the planning of the highly available and energy-efficient data center", he continues.


Thus, the data center is powered by green electricity from renewable sources. Parts of the roof and the walls on the south and west sides are equipped with photovoltaic systems. This feature additionally reduces the share of purchased electricity. These are effective measures to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the long term.

The building will fit harmoniously into the urban planning, including green roofs and facades. This has an insulating effect and provides protection against UV rays, hail, strong temperature fluctuations, pollutants and dirt. Increased sound insulation due to good absorption by the vegetation is also guaranteed.

To achieve an eco-friendly use of resources, the decoupling of heat for an external heat consumer, and thus, an interface for heat recovery will be implemented. Potential consumers of waste heat from the data center include the city's planned large-scale thermal spa or new construction areas in Massenheim that are connected to the district heating network.

A large proportion of the energy consumed in data centers is used for air conditioning. Therefore, the use of recoolers is planned. This ensures the highest possible proportion of indirect free cooling and thus guarantees a high efficiency of the refrigeration system.

The large-scale project will consist of a main building with a side wing and will be equipped with appropriate protective measures and the latest technology to ensure maximum physical security and availability of data. An office wing will also provide accommodation for a total of 30 newly planned, permanent workstations.

"We are proud to be a project partner in planning this pioneering project. With its realization, we are setting new standards for the industry", explains Ralf Siefen.

The ultra-modern data center is to be realized in Massenheim's Zeppelinstrasse on a total of 10,000 square meters. The Data Center Group is the project’s developer, planner and implementer. A construction period of 1.5 years is planned from construction start in 2023 to the implementation of the complex shell including the expansion of the first construction phase.




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