Visualization data center Bad Vilbel. Building, next to it people, cars and trees
Building permit application submitted for new data center in Bad Vilbel

Data Center Group is project developer for a new data center in the Rhine-Main area

Graphic of the computer center of the JGU. Besides fictitious cars and people
Data Center Group builds Data Center for Mainz JGU University

Data Center Group receives elite university as prestigious client

Power poles in sunset
Synergies of BFE and DCG

With the help of BFE, we also get to the other end of the cable and get more accurate information about downstream operating costs.

2 hands, each holding a puzzle piece with thumb and index finger, which fit into each other
"It's a match!"

Strategic crosslinking of IT- and data center strategy for efficient, durable and sustainable data centers.

World map in blue with connection points from one point of the earth to another
Decentralization and the boost to digitalization

Donald Badoux from the Data Center Group in conversation with Dr. Thomas King from DE-CIX on the importance of decentralized…

Potenials of digitalization for the green transformation
Taking advantage of the potential of digitalization for green transformation

Data center construction with vision: Data Center Group experts unlock the immense potential of sustainable concepts

5 stars, 4 of which are placed on a table and the 5th star is placed on the table by a person

The first public energy efficiency register for data centers

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